Rubrika 3D tisk

Lock Picks (printable STL version)
This is a printable STL version of lock pick set. There is 3DS and OBJ version. This is STL resized to reasonable proportions. Made for my friend photographer, who needed set of lock picks as a prop.
Refrigerator Magnet Gear Spinners
I designed a small plug, which is superglued or epoxied to the hole and holds the magnet in the right position.
Generic & Parametric Flashlight Holder
This is a simple flashlight holder. The OpenSCAD design is parametric so it can be modified for any flashlight diameter. The top is slightly tapered to for ease of use. Holder can be fixed using screw trough provided hole or using double-sided tape or adhesive.
Low-poly Horse Head With Mount
When I saw Turbi's Horse Papercraft I immediatelly thought it would look great in silver with gold wall plaque. I enlarged the original model to 150% and designed simple matching base.
QR Code Generator for OpenSCAD
QR Code generator for OpenSCAD This project can generate OpenSCAD source code for a QR code encoding given value. There are already two projects on Thingiverse, but the first does not work properly and the second requires running executable on your machine. So I created third one. How it works This project works completely online in JavaScript. Go to and enter the value of your code. The page will generate image of your code (so you can check it's working) and also OpenSCAD code, which will create array with 0 and 1, representing the code. Also provided is simple OpenSCAD module (method) qr_render for drawing the encoded QR Code with given parameters: module_size - the size of single square, default 1x1 mm height - extrusion height, default 1 mm The resulting code is not intended to be used 'as is', you are supposed to incorporate it to your own models. For example see the QR Code Dog Tag Acknowledgements The heavy lifting - QR Code generation itself - was done by the perfect qrcode-generator by Kazuhiko Arase. I just added OpenSCAD code generation and simple web interface.
QR Code Dog Tag
This is simple dog tag with a QR Code, where you can encode URL or other contact information. The model is parametric and its size adapts to amount of data encoded in the QR code. To generate the qr_data variable holding the QR Code data, use my OpenSCAD QR Code Generator. The SCAD file generates two objects, you are supposed to glue them back to back with superglue and form a single badge. The model requires Prusa ColorPrint or other similar software, which allows you to modify G-Code to change filament during print. It does not require dual extrusion etc.
Tetrahedron Connectors
It's kind of a fetish of mine, I just love platonic solids. So I decided to create a tetrahedron. This model is a connector, intended to connect wooden or similar dowels to the shape of tetrahedron. For single object you have to print four of them, see photos. The STL is intended for 10 mm dowels and the holder is 35 mm deep. The entire model is parametric, so you can modify few variables in OpenSCAD source and can create connectors for any size of dowel.