Rubrika 3D tisk

Colorful light from IKEA Pyssla beads
My daughter loves the Pyssla beads from IKEA - the ones you can heat with household iron and make colorful shapes off them. So we decided to make a LED lamp from them: Print the base on 3D printer. Make 5 colorful squares (10x10) from the Pyssla beads and flatten them with hot iron. Use hot glue to make a cube from the squares. Solder wires to the top part of LED legs (near the base). Solder single wire to each LED, one to anode and second to cathode of the other LED. Bend legs of two LEDs to right angle and put them into the base. Solder them parallel. Create battery contacts from thin sheet metal. I used a nickel strip used when making battery packs because I had it, but you can use metal from cans etc. Solder the wires to the metal contacts. Power with AAA batteries. The light does not have any on/off switch, because I don't have any locking switch such small at the moment, You can modify the base to fit the switch from bottom, if you wish. We are removing the batteries to turn it off.
Fish tank light strip holder
Friend of mine wanted a LED light for her fish tank. But cost of one is about $ 25. So we created one ourselves, for about $ 5: just a piece of LED strip, strip of flexible plastic and old 12 V charger I had lying around and 3D-printed brackets to hold the plastic with LED strip on the side of the tank. Oh, and about 15 minutes of soldering (since she was doing it for second time in her life) and half hour of printing.
Thermometer module enclosure
This is simple box for a common small thermometer module, available from AliExpress. I use it to monitor temperature inside my 3D printer box. Use customizer to modify displayed text.
Hexagonal Bee Cookie Maker
After I did my Cookie stamper project, a friend asked me if I could make a cookie cutter of hexagonal shape with a bee stamp. Of couse I can! So, here I proudly present you the hexagonal cutter, superb for work efficiency! The entire system isn't modular, as I don't expect multiple motifs for hexagonal cookies.